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Lisa Mulcahy provides Yoga classes, facial/foot reflexology and reiki in 
Dinas Powys and Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, near Cardiff

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Complementary therapies offered by Lisa Mulcahy MAR are: 
Reflexology, Facial Reflexology (sorensensistem tm), and
Reiki and take place in the Lotus room in Dinas Powys, 
The Vale of
 Glamorgan, Nr Cardiff

These therapies will help to re-balance, relax, heal and rejuvenate. 
Mobile visits will be considered.  

reflexology in Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan, Penarth
Facial Reflexology in Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff
Reiki in Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff

Reflexology works on the principle that all your body's organs, systems and glands have a corresponding area on the foot.  By using specific massage techniques reflexology can help to restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium. 

It has been shown to be effective for:-

  • Hormonal imbalances            

  • Back pain            

  • Digestive disorders        

  • Pain control

  • migraine

  • Stress and it's related disorders

  • and much, much more...                                                                  



Facial Reflexology (sorensensistem tm)   This wonderful and profound treatment

was developed by eminent Danish Reflexologist Lone Sorensen over 30 years.  It combines Chinese energy meridian points, Vietnamese and South American tribal body maps and modern science of neuro-anatomy.  Like all natural therapies it aims to treat the dis-ease rather than the symptom but this also has the benefit of rejuvenating the face and giving a lovely glowing complexion.  


Your face is richly supplied with blood vessels and contains your senses.  Due to the proximity to the brain, stimuli have only a short distance to travel.  During a treatment the entire face (and sometimes the head) is stimulated initiating an improvement in the blood and energetic circulation in the body, nerve function to the brain, lymphatic supply and muscle tone to the face.  

This treatment will benefit most imbalances and has also shown to be effective in the treatment

of depression, stroke, and Parkinson's etc.


This is an deeply relaxing treatment which also benefits the skin and muscle tone.  The use of Organic rosehip oil will also ensure you leave with a glowing complexion!      


Facial Muscle Stimulation is a technique for lifting and toning facial muscles developed by Lone Sorensen who also brought us Facial Reflexology.  The treatment utilises specific massage techniques and Organic rosehip oil to enhance facial tone.  You will also have the added benefit  of a deep sense of relaxation too!  It can be delivered as a stand alone treatment or as part of a package, and is useful for wrinkles, muscle tension, and facial paralysis.  





Reiki is an ancient, energy healing system from Japan which enables the trained Reiki practitioner to act as a channel for energy - directing, unblocking and re-balancing energy within the client in order to facilitate self-healing.

The practitioners hands are placed just on or above the body to allow the energy to flow.  The client remains fully clothed and the session will take between 45-60 mins.  People often report feelings or sensations which are usually pleasant such as cold/hot, tingling, relaxation and movement of energy.  These are positive and show that energy is moving or unblocking.

Healing can take place on a

  • physical

  • emotional

  • and Spiritual level

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