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Lisa Mulcahy provides Yoga classes, facial/foot reflexology and reiki in
Dinas Powys and Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan.

Child's Pose


"Absolutely love Lisa's yoga lessons - they vary every week and are suitable for any age or any level so whether you are a beginner or have been doing yoga for years Lisa will advise on how to adapt the postures to suit you."      Gudrun - Jan 2021   5/5

"Lisa is an amazing yoga teacher. She inspires, she explains well. She always gives options for beginners and advanced, she corrects your posture if necessary. She is very patient and respects individual needs. Would highly recommend."  Bea - Jan 2021   5/5

"I enjoy Lisa's lessons. She gives good alternatives for people like me, who can't always manage positions, and she gives clear instructions, showing herself, what we have to do.  she was recommended to me and I'm happy to recommend her to others."  Lesley - Jan 2021  5/5

"Lisa is a very knowledgeable, sensitive and nurturing yoga teacher. She provides classes that are suitable for all kinds of people, and she meets everyone's needs. I can honestly say her classes have changed my life for the better.  I highly recommend Lisa to anyone wanting a well rounded, satisfying and nurturing class."  Sara 2021  5/5

"I would recommend Lisa to those who are beginners or more experienced.  Having practiced yoga in different parts of the UK with many different teachers, she is the best.  She is mindful of the difficulties that older people have, and encourages younger pupils to reach their potential.  Not an easy task in a mixed ability class, but she does this in a caring and enthusiastic manner".  Bobby 2021   5/5 

"I have been attending yoga sessions with Lisa Mulcahy a good few years now.  She always demonstrates moves before expecting us to try.  She recommends variations for different ailments and extensions for those who want to take the position further.  Her lessons are all varied and often with a theme.  The breathing exercises are particularly good for me as I have asthma.  I would highly recommend her."
Sandra - 2021 - 5/5

"Lisa is a brilliant instructor either face to face or on Zoom.  She has a wonderful ability to anticipate the bit you might be getting wrong eg do the X move and remember to lengthen the spine or relax the shoulders.  She is patient and thorough and has a great repertoire of yoga moves, so there is always lots of variety.  I highly recommend her!!"  Jane - Jan 21 - 5/5

"Lisa's classes are friendly and suitable for all levels and ages.  The atmosphere is always good with clear direction and humour - a perfect combination."  Sharon 2021  5/5

"Lisa has extensive experience, reliability and in-depth embodied and psychological understanding in working sensitively and confidently with people of all ages and abilities. She is a skilled teacher and facilitator both online and in person. Highly recommended."   Claire 2021    5/5

"Really enjoyed Lisa's classes. For me, she covered basic and more strenuous postures, in a gentle quiet way. The time passed so quickly and will definitively be looking her up once lockdown is over". 
Jen- March 2021 5/5

"I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s yoga workshops, especially the restorative yoga which I had not done before. She gives clear instructions and variations for the postures and thoughtful insights and guided meditation/relaxation".  Jo - March 2021  5/5

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